Fic prompts pleeease?

Could I please bother you guys for fic prompts for a two-character story? A friend of mine has been asking me to supply prompts but its really difficult to come up with different ideas lol. So if you have a chance, please?

Its for a different fandom so you dont need to be too specific with rules and universes etc.

Thank you <3
xmas Bill

Xmas Wishlist Gifts

I'm posting my gifts tomorrow! Sorry for the delay but I obviously have to wait until I get paid to send all the parcels out.
I hope you all receive them in time (or at all, damned postal services).
Again- the boxes are D: but the goodies inside are hopefully :D
I tried my very best to bring a smile to all of your faces.

Please let me know when you do receive the parcel...I'd love to know what you think ._.

Sims 2 help please

Omg please help? My Sim2 guy keeps stinking up the place. He takes a bath, and his hygiene is completely green but he'll still emit those rancid green fumes. Am I doing something wrong; missing something?
He's my favorite Sim and I cant play him anymore because he's always smoking green D: I had to create another Sim to play with...and they're in love and are wanting to get married but really, I'm afraid that if I let them move in together, he'll just stink up the new house. They've already had a baby (lol, she takes after her BJD daddy, joints and skintone and eyes) and are really trying to become a couple but I cant take the risk.
I feel like a cad keeping them apart. He's always phoning the house, he's so desperate to be proposed to but but but!!
;_; Please help me?
Bill drinking

High Protein Diet Menu

Can anyone please give me a high protein diet menu and grocery list? I'm looking to lose some fat and the high protein diet seems like the more interesting way to do it.
I tried the vegetable soup diet and quickly lost interest in the monotonous taste of it. I need more variety in my diet to really appreciate it.
I'm really good at starving myself and losing weight that way, but I know its not good for the body so I'm hoping to try something ideal and healthy.
The protein diet sounds really good but I cant seem to find a menu anywhere so if you know of a site or if you've done the diet before, please help!


*wibbles* I just saw the most romantic thing evuuur!
Driving to work on a long stretch of road, taped to the light posts I saw:

"Emrie I love you madly"

and on the following post:

"Please will you marry me"


All down the road! So romantic!
I hope to see just as many "YES" signs on the way home later this afternoon.
That would so make my weekend LOL
Although...realistically that wouldn't happen. I hope she (he?) says yes!

Still. *swoons*

Happiness Meme

I thought about doing the Happiness Meme but I realized that there is only 1 thing that makes me the most happiest.

This fandom; specifically the people I watch here on LJ.

I love all of you guys, even though I don't know you. I come online and see you guys and I'm happy because of it.

Thanks for keeping this smile on my dile <3